Art Calusa: Reflections on Representation

By Archaeologist Theresa M. Schober

Only a small group sponsored by the Estero Historical Society and arranged by Carolyn Fischer, attended a private tour of the Art Calusa exhibit at the Pier Building in Fort Myers. In this marking of Viva Florida 500 initiative, archaeologist Theresa Schober and Barbara Hill, a fine art consultant, has put this show together by picking out the individual pieces that brings the old history of Florida alive. We were so lucky to have Ms. Schober direct our tour and make it all so clear to us. This unique collection of artwork by historical artists, focused on the Calusa Indians and their predecessors through European contact.

Those that attended were: Beverly MacNellis, Carolyn Fischer, Augie Fischer, Jean Pryal, Dave Pryal, Nola Boomer, Conway Swee, Mary Popovich, Norma Panell, Diane Wisen. Afterwards most met for lunch at the historic Edison Lunch Box.

Exhibition artists: Lucas Century, Merald Clark, Charles Dauray, Christopher Kreider, David Meo, Theodore Morris, Dean Quigley, Hermann Trappman, & Jackson Walker.