Early on the morning of May 14, 2009, a dream was realized by the members of the Estero Historical Society. The Estero School House and the Hall-Collier House were relocated to the Estero Community Park. These historic buildings are approximately one hundred years old and an important part of the history of Estero.

It is without question that this move would not have been possible without the cooperation of many people. We want to thank the Lee County Commissioners, the Department of Community Development—Division of Planning, and the Lee County Parks Department and staff. You have made it possible to provide the people of Lee County with a link to the past.

We look forward to the refurbishing of the school house and having the children of Lee County visiting to discover the past. Donations will be greatly appreciated by the Estero Historical Society, P.O.Box 1314, Estero, Florida 33929. This historic 1904 school house and the 1906 Collier House next door have been donated to the Estero Historical Society by the College of Life. The President of the College of Life, Charles Dauray, has given the Society $100,000 to help pay for the moving of the Houses to the Estero Community Park. However, much more funding will be required for restoration. Exactly how will be determined by a top Historic Architect, Linda Stevenson who will develop a five year plan and budget. Lee County has given the Society a $30,000 grant to help pay Linda Stevenson.