The Cottage

Since the Society moved into the renovated Hall-Hanson-Collier Home at the Estero Community Park, changes have been taking place slowly. We were happy to have old folding chairs to sit on and still have them in the meeting room. Slowly items that have been in storage in members garages and basements for years have finally found their resting place in the cottage. With the death of the founder Mimi Straub many artifacts have been added to the home. It was Mimi’s wish to give to the Society whatever they needed to furnish the home/headquarters into old Estero. Many items were chosen. They not only set the time period of old Estero but brings the memory and spirit of Mimi into the home to stay.

Naming this building to honor every family that lived in this building makes it difficult. With so many names and the possibility of leaving some out, the Society refers to this building as “The Cottage”.