Nola Boomer was there to welcome us to her home. A rare event.

The site contains about one-half mile of shoreline along the Estero River and a historic home. About 26 acres is reserved as a “life estate” so that Nola Boomer can live in the family home for the rest of her life. The property will be managed by the State Parks and Recreation Division in coordination with the Lee County Parks and Recreation Department.

The Boomer house on the property was built in 1917 by the Koreshans for Berthaldine Boomer who was Matrona of the Koreshan Unity. She furnished the money to Cyrus Teed that enabled him to come to Estero and start the Koreshan settlement here. The house was built under the supervision of George Boomer who was Berthadine’s grandson and the grandfather of the George Boomer who was the late husband of Nola Boomer who presently occupies the house.