Estero Historical Society Receives Major Contribution from the Steven M. Blair Family to Launch Capital Campaign for Historic Home Relocation and Restoration

Estero, FL, June 5, 2024 – The Estero Historical Society is thrilled to announce a generous contribution from Steve and Carol Blair, new members of the society, in the name of the “Steven M. Blair Family.” This significant donation marks the kickoff of a capital campaign aimed at relocating and restoring the historic 1916 Alvarez/Smith Home.

The historic home, currently situated on Highlands Avenue in Estero, will be moved to the society’s location within the Historic District at Estero Community Park. This relocation is a vital step in preserving the rich history of our community and making it accessible to the public.

The Blair Family’s contribution is not just a financial boon but also a call to action for the community. They hope their donation will inspire others to contribute to this important cause, ensuring the successful relocation and restoration of the Alvarez/Smith Home.

“We are deeply grateful for the Blair family’s generous support,” said Gail Langner, Board President of the Estero Historical Society. “Their contribution is a testament to their commitment to preserving Estero’s heritage. We invite the community to join us in this endeavor, ensuring that our history is preserved for future generations.”

The 1916 Alvarez/Smith Home is a treasured piece of Estero’s history, and its restoration will provide invaluable educational opportunities for residents and visitors alike. The Estero Historical Society is dedicated to safeguarding the community’s historical assets, and this project is a significant step in that mission.

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About Estero Historical Society

The Estero Historical Society is a non-profit organization committed to preserving, protecting, and promoting the rich history of Estero, Florida. Through educational programs, events, and the preservation of historic sites, the society works to ensure that the story of Estero is shared with the community and future generations.


Gail Langner, Board President
Estero Historical Society

Alvarez-Smith Home